About the Author

Hello everyone!

Giorgia De Marchi

I think it’s time to launch my travel blog in English! Until now it was only in Bulgarian and I’m pretty sure that is time to expand, so let me present myself.

I am Giorgia from SmileNtravel, a half-Italian half-Bulgarian girl who is crazy and passionate about traveling and writing… Currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria, I quit my job and struggle to freelance. The freelance life can be complicated and challenging but that’s what inspires me! And I have a lot of time to organize my trips and write about them, so I won’t complain about it. 😀

If you are wondering about my motto (every blogger has a motto :D) it is ‘’All you need is positive attitude and a destination!” One of the things that make me really happy is to travel, so I am going to tell you interesting stories about my trips, I will do my best to give you useful travel tips, to present the story of the destinations and show you beautiful photos from my adventures around the world. Until now they were only in Europe but starting from November I will fly to Asia too and I am so excited! I want to travel the world and I will, so let’s explore it together!

I believe that when traveling there are always unpleasant and unexpected situations but my philosophy is to face them with a smile! I hope to give you useful travel tips and entertain you!

For every blog post I put a lot of effort and time (I hope you will notice that) and read from many places and sources before publishing them. I try to verify the information, but please excuse me if I make any mistakes.

At one point I ceased writing due to lack of time. Nowadays that is a common problem, we are all way too busy. Let’s no delay! Let us not delay to do what we love for work, appointments, lack of time. It is all about priorities, try to puzzle them right.

My best advice for you is: Live! Travel! Discover! We need money, but they are only means and won’t make you happy! Experiences and emotions are what really matter! And… don’t forget to smile!